We're changing the way scientists work and think.

Our knowledge discovery platform maps biomedical knowledge and guides users through the discovery process, revealing hidden connections, informing critical decisions, saving time and cost.

As biomedical knowledge keeps growing:


new articles per day on Pubmed


reported clinical trials over ten years

18.6 million

adverse events reported to the FDA


critically important biological databases


known diseases

extracting this knowledge is increasingly complex.

Our Technology

We employ state-of-the-art NLP, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to map relations among this growing body of biomedical knowledge, from multiple public and private sources, including text documents and databases.

Through a process of Knowledge Mapping, users will work interactively with our platform to map and understand biomedical concepts and relationships that would otherwise be missed with traditional search.

Our technology provides tangible solutions that are truly unique, including tools that help guide users to insight.


Our platform functions by user interaction and navigation with our knowledge map.


We de-risk the time-consuming process of generating and testing hypotheses.


We help to enable key decision-making that can impact the process of innovation.


Completeness is built into our platform, unlike most search tools or databases.

How we work

We provide our Knowledge Discovery platform to clients and partners to help them advance their efforts in drug discovery, development, and commercialization. Currently we’re helping biopharma and academic institutions to:

Discover the genetic mechanisms of CNS disorders.

Interpret instrument data and multi-omics lab results.

Identify CNS and other disease-specific biomarkers.

Monitor signals of drug safety and efficacy.