We provide economical and flexible pricing options for access to our platform.

Single access for academics

Complimentary access is available for individual researchers at accredited academic institutions.

Research +
Academic labs or departments

For large labs or academic departments, our platform is available for use on a price per user basis.

Small or large companies

We work with start-ups, small biotech and large pharma, and our platform is available on an annual subscription.

Tangible Benefits

Our platform provides a compelling value proposition that is user-focussed and data-centered. Our customers are able to match their capabilities with our platform and achieve meaningful knowledge outcomes.

Save time

Our platform helps to reduce information overload by prioitizing relevance and integrating with important workflows.

Cost efficient

We help to lower the cost of early discovery by providing efficient access to aggregated and curated data at the moment when it is the most important.

Rapid insight

We provide important and up-to-date biomedical data all in one place, which expands research horizons, generate ideas and makes faster connections.

Cross discipline

Our platform enables decision-making across disciplines, such as biology, chemistry or precision medicine.

I am so impressed by Epistemic AI. I just love it !

Monica Dus
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan