Interact with highly complex data in a way that was unimaginable until now. Supported by rigorous evidence direct from our extensive knowledge graph. EpistemicGPT is revolutionary and heralds the future of scientific research! Coming Soon.

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Our generative AI solution for life science professionals.

Science is evolving daily and keeping up with the information is too time consuming to meet current demands. Whether you require a response to a quick query or a deep dive in any subject, EpistemicGPT delivers true discovery.

To achieve this, we harness the power of large language models that tap into the trusted data of our Knowledge Graph, which is constructed from hundreds of curated biomedical databases, to deliver a clear and precise response to your question.

EpistemicGPT combines text, tables and graphics, and provides true interaction, allowing users to edit, delete or add ideas and knowledge. It can also be formatted and exported as a report.

Importantly, EpistemicGPT provides provenance for all evidence, links to the original documents and sources, which eliminates the concern of unreliable or fabricated data that is problematic with chatGPT.

EpistemicGPT also supports multiple and overlapping workflows. Users can easily switch from the simple discovery of one out of millions of documents to refining insights with precise knowledge graph queries.

The Epistemic AI platform is an important journey. It provides a way to easily validate any hypothesis while saving time and critical resources.

Pratip Chattopadhyay, PhD, Former Director, Applied Immunology Core, NYU Langone